What Patients Want to Hear from Ophthalmology Practices NOW

The shutdown had a catastrophic effect on the long-held, unconscious understandings that existed between eye doctors and patients in the past.

Understandings like…

“Your eye doctors/eye surgeons are always here to meet your needs.”
“It is safe to visit your eye care clinic.”

In today’s podcast, Medical Consulting Group explains why medical marketing is a significant opportunity for ophthalmology practices right now and why we have redirected our marketing mindset—dusting off the basics we all took for granted—to help ophthalmologists and optometrists tell their eye care patients what they truly need to hear.

MCC Creative Team Members On Today’s Podcast
Bill Rabourn – Managing Principal
Teresa Flood – Media Coordinator, Flood Media Group
Paul Johnson – Senior Designer & Producer
Brian Dahl – Client Business Manager
Chase Rabourn – Digital Marketing Manager
Leah Taylor – Medical Copywriter