Patient Builder – A Win for Doctors/Clinics and A Win for Medical Device Companies Trying to Add Value

Would you attract the attention of your customer if you could offer a way to bring them more patients? Consider Patient Builder. Today, we talk to Bill Rabourn, founder and managing principal of Medical Consulting Group in Springfield, Missouri.  Bill and his team have a unique view of the medical device world in that they consult for practices, they act as a provider via ambulatory surgical centers and then they work with the medical device industry by helping industry and doctors work together to maximize technology integration and patient uptake via their Patient Builder tools.

Bill and his team are experts at integrating innovative surgical products into practices. His corporate clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies and others ranking among the Who’s Who in the medical and surgical device fields. Under his leadership, MCG develops dynamic and robust practice development programs that highlight device manufacturers’ products.

This is a Partner Podcast with our friend Tim Newill at Medical Device Success podcast, which has over 7,000 downloads reaching over 70 countries.