Revenue Cycle Management

Enhancing center profitability & efficiency, while freeing physicians to focus on patients.

Enhance Profitability & Patient Care with RCM

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the financial process of collecting payments for medical bills to generate revenue for a healthcare organization. Effective, timely, and predictable RCM processes are crucial to maintaining financial viability and providing quality patient care. Especially these days, which require practices to keep up with changing government regulations and insurer reimbursement policies, and to file claims and make sure they are paid efficiently. The complexity of revenue cycle management can make it difficult for practices which are already focused on patient care to keep errors and delays out of the process.

Our experienced RCM consultant and highly trained team of RCM experts at Medical Consulting Group streamline this process, alleviating unnecessary pressure so that your team is free to redirect their focus back to patient care.


To minimize exposure to software threats and save you money...

Our team works with your practice's internal software, providing a complete range of RCM services:

  • Provider credentialing and contracting
  • Insurance verification and authorizations
  • Up front patient estimates and collections
  • Claims management
  • Revenue management
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Patient collections
  • Business financial analytics and analysis

Additionally, we handle insurance credentialing and contracting, including fee schedule negotiations with carve-outs (e.g., for implants), contract administration, and re-negotiation of expiring contracts.

If there is a revenue cycle management service you need but do not see listed here, ask us about it. With a team this experienced, we have a solution.

Take your profitability, efficiency, and patient care to the next level.