Ophthalmology In the COVID-19 Era…From A Retinal Surgeon & Practice Perspective

MCG principal Erin Malloy invites retina surgeon Dr. Jorge Calzada and optometrist Dr. Sarah Maxey of Deep Blue Retina to discuss how their practice is successfully tackling some of the most common issues affecting practices across the country during the COVID era. 

They share their experience with everything from:

  • Reduced patient flow, to
  • Telemedicine, to 
  • PPP loans, to
  • How they have leveraged a negative situation to reveal opportunities for improvement within their practice. 

Deep Blue Retina is a client of Medical Consulting Group practicing out of Southaven, Mississippi. Their team is known for providing the latest medical and surgical solutions for the most complex retinal cases for adult and pediatric patients.

Disclaimer: COVID-19 information is evolving rapidly. Consult with state and local authorities for further COVID-19 updates.