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Leverage the power of your brand with a turn-key marketing program.

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Watch Your Business Grow

Are you a corporation or practice looking to integrate new technology? Is your marketing for that device on target, supporting brand goals, and compliant? PatientBuilder is a turnkey program that develops and manages the entire spectrum of a brand’s consumer marketing experience. From customized marketing materials designed to capture attention and educate physicians and patients about a device to convenient e-learning platforms designed to educate physicians about how to use and integrate a new device into their practice, PatientBuilder helps generate a return with every dollar invested.

Put our experience to work and watch your business GROW.

Brand-Building Services

Patient Education

Using device manufacturer education and marketing materials, we work with practices to create customized materials and media plans to reach and educate potential patients about a product.


We partner with sales representatives and physicians to evaluate their patient education and marketing needs (market analysis, website analysis, media and budget planning).

Brand Protection

With a customizable online selection of materials, we help you consistently communicate an on-target message to the appropriate consumer, reinforcing your brand message and protecting its integrity.

Product Management

We identify a product’s competitive points of difference and shorten the ROI timeline for new product launches.

Practice Management

Medical Consulting Group identifies objectives, analyzes financial positions, scopes out competition, evaluates market trends and demographics, and unearths opportunities.

Co-Op Management

We ensure that practices and device manufacturers get the most out of their co-op consumer marketing investment with monthly reporting in compliance with Stark and Sunshine Laws.

Customized Marketing Materials

PatientBuilder connects practices and device manufacturers to a wealth of personalized patient education and marketing tools:

  • Custom-designed logos
  • Immediate access to professionally designed print ads, brochures, and letters
  • Personalized television and radio scripts
  • Effective direct mail campaigns, from creation to fulfillment
  • Targeted mailing lists
  • Eye-catching newsletter templates
  • Corporate outreach materials, payroll inserts, HR brochures, and posters
  • Patient education materials and satisfaction surveys
  • Physician referral letters

Contact Us

Anyone—from corporate organizations to medical practices—looking to learn more about what our PatientBuilder team can do should contact Wendy Stone at 417-889-2040 to schedule a demo.