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Capture & hold patient interest with a customized creative marketing strategy.

Control What Your Brand Is Saying

Your brand determines what people think and feel about your medical business. In fact, it is often the factor that persuades people to choose one business over another. Just like your patients, your brand requires quality care to achieve the best results. Marketing, which includes all the activities used to promote and sell your product or service, is an effective way to broadcast the right message, tone, and personality to the right people. At MCG, our marketing services include:

  • Website development & management
  • Digital marketing & advertising (Google Ads, app ads, web video, email, etc.)
  • Reputation management
  • Social media management & advertising
  • Video production
  • Classic marketing & advertising (print, TV, radio)
  • Media planning & buying

Once our consultants determine your brand goals, our comprehensive medical marketing team plans, produces, and executes a customized marketing strategy for your medical business.




Digital Advertising

MCG helps practices and ASCs easily and affordably capture online user attention, draw users to their website, and convert visitors into patients with digital advertising. This includes using email, social media, websites, search engine ads, app ads, and banner ads on mobile or web-based sites to shape your online presence and grow your brand.


Responsive Web Design

MCG creates responsive, easy-to-use websites with valuable and engaging content that establishes credibility. Responsive websites automatically resize and rearrange page content so that they always display well no matter which device or screen size they appear on. By monitoring and following evolving SEO best-practices, MCG optimizes your web content, technical structure, and reach so that your pages appear at the top of the search engine result page.


Reputation Management

After a patient leaves, the practice or ASC never knows what he or she might say about their visit on a review site or social media. MCG monitors and promptly responds to reviews related to your medical business using sophisticated software. Essentially, we keep an eye on what patients are saying so you are free to keep an eye on the patient experience.


Social Media Management

Social media has emerged as an increasingly important element of marketing and advertising. MCG actively manages this medium—your digital mouth—as part of your coordinated, customized marketing solution. By developing and maintaining thriving social media pages, we help you broadcast your brand message and allow you to take part in influential conversations with your consumers.


Classic Advertising

Classic advertising is made up primarily of print (newspapers and magazines), broadcast (radio and TV), direct mail, and outdoor (billboards). While much of today's consumer experience may begin and take place online, real world advertising pieces still have a significant impact on current and potential patients, especially when used strategically and in conjunction with digital methods.


Video Production

As video for the website, social media, and even waiting rooms quickly gains traction, becoming a key means for patients to obtain information, medical businesses that fail to include it in their marketing strategies do so at their own peril. With our own highly experienced video producer on-site to oversee video development—from scripting to filming, to editing—MCG offers the expertise needed to help you connect with your audience.


Media Planning/Buying

Our media planners source and select the best combination of media outlets for each client to advertise through to achieve their unique marketing campaign objectives. These media outlets generally include newspapers, magazines, websites, TV and radio stations, and outdoor placement advertisements.



PatientBuilder is a turnkey program that develops and manages the entire spectrum of a brand’s consumer marketing experience, including patient education, sales, brand protection, and management of products, co-ops, and practices. Learn more.

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