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HIPAA Compliancy

Attempting to comply 100% with HIPAA regulations is one of the most difficult aspects of running a successful medical business. It is a confusing and complicated task that cuts into the time that could be devoted to actually seeing patients. By combining the proven benefits of a globally praised compliance software called The Guard™ with MCG’s decades of practice and ASC consulting, development, and management experience, MCG Compliancy has created a streamlined 3-phase process to solidify compliance confidence.

How's your compliance confidence? Put it to the test when you take our HIPAA compliance quiz.

How confident are you that your practice or ASC would pass a HIPAA audit?

Now is the Time to Protect Your Practice

Finding a viable HIPAA assessment and maintenance solution for your medical practice or ASC that addresses the full scope of regulatory requirements has never been more vital than right now. The healthcare community faces a significant rise in HIPAA enforcement, penalty severity, and technological threats. MCG Compliancy uses The Guard compliance software to identify holes in a practice’s current compliance system. Then, because  too much is at stake to rely solely on software, our MCG Compliancy Implementation Specialist guides you through compliance analysis and remediation to relieve stress and redirect your attention to running your practice.

Review our cost-effective, 3-phase solution for HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus, GLB, and PCI compliance.

  • 0%
    of healthcare organizations followed inadequate risk management plans
  • 0%
    were rated inadequate on patients’ right to access their PHI
  • 0%
    performed inadequate risk analyses
  • 0%
    of consumers stated they would leave their provider if a data breach occurred

3-Phase Path to Total Compliance

Phase 1

Phase 1: Implementation

  • Self-audit assistance, includes on-site visit
  • Access to templates for Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), Confidentiality Agreements, Security and Privacy Policies, etc.
  • Assistance with uploads to The Guard® (risk analysis, audits, BAA’s, etc.)
Phase 2

Phase 2: Follow-Up

  • Gap analysis and custom remediation plan development
  • Customized policies and procedures created to address items in remediation plan
  • Policies created and reviewed by subject-matter expert
Phase 3

Phase 3: Maintenance

  • Continued support from your MCG Compliancy Specialist
  • Annual risk assessment and audit
  • Employee training and attestation management
  • Anonymous incident reporting
  • Access to HIPAA Hotline
  • Document management and version control

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