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Every medical business needs a strategy. Let us customize yours.

Experienced Medical Consulting

In addition to decades of consulting for eye surgeons and eye doctors, MCG has worked with nearly every other medical specialty to develop successful, customized practice and ASC strategies.

One Complete Team Under One Roof

Together, we are a rarity and one of the only groups—if not the only group—of medical business experts in the United States to have such a comprehensive team operating under one roof. Our collaboration allows us—and you—to benefit from a seasoned, collective knowledge base.


Practice & ASC Consulting

What does it mean to have a customized practice or ASC strategy?

We identify both short-term and long-term objectives, analyze financial positions, scope out the competition, evaluate market trends and demographics, and identify opportunities to optimize business operations. Then we help you take advantage of them.

Your custom solution will depend on your goals. Are you looking to smoothly and effectively incorporate new technology into your practice or ASC? Do you need to develop ancillary income streams? Are you thinking about merging your practice or ASC, or acquiring another? Need to develop your optical or OD network? Thinking of extending your reach with marketing and advertising? Give us a call.

Corporate Consulting

Let’s say you are part of a corporation—large or small—and you:

  • Want to help medical practices incorporate your new technology
  • Need a convenient, standardized tactic to educate doctors and staff about your technology
  • Need to optimize communication with your customers (medical practices and/or their patients)

We welcome you to talk to us. Our corporate MCG consultants assist with strategic planning, product launches, sales and marketing development, including creative strategy and collateral development for co-op marketing, infrastructure development, or education courses.

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