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For more than 30 years, our MCG consultants and team have been sitting down together to talk over and develop solutions for the latest, most impactful issues circulating the medical industry. Whether it’s the most recent government regulations, crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, or advancements in digital marketing strategies for practices and ASCs, the conversation at MCG is always evolving.

Now, we’re sitting down with you. Join the MCG podcast as we tackle the most pressing issues crossing your desk and discuss practical, experience-backed strategies for mastering them.

The Bright Side: A Cataract & Refractive Surgeon Speaks to Opportunities in the COVID-19 Era

In this episode, we talk with MCG consultant Bill Rabourn and Missouri ophthalmologist Dr. Thomas Prater, a cataract and refractive surgeon from Mattax Neu Prater Eye Center and Surgery Center.  Many people are understandably experiencing some fatigue when it comes to the topic of COVID-19. And yet, it’s still a topic that’s affecting ophthalmic practices…

Ophthalmology In the COVID-19 Era…From A Retinal Surgeon & Practice Perspective

MCG principal Erin Malloy invites retina surgeon Dr. Jorge Calzada and optometrist Dr. Sarah Maxey of Deep Blue Retina to discuss how their practice is successfully tackling some of the most common issues affecting practices across the country during the COVID era.  They share their experience with everything from: Reduced patient flow, to Telemedicine, to …

Road Map to Resuming Elective Surgery

MCG’s nurse consultants and ASC experts call out some of the most easily overlooked but extremely crucial steps ASCs should take before resuming surgery. Disclaimer: COVID-19 information is evolving rapidly. Consult with state and local authorities for further COVID-19 updates.

Reopening Your Practice

As practices wait on the edge of their seats for the all-clear to open, MCG Medical Business Consultant Bill Rabourn quickly explains what practices should be considering RIGHT NOW: What areas of your practice need the most attention during reopening? How will “safety” be the driving force behind your reopening strategy and your messaging? How…

The Success of Your COVID-19 Crisis Strategy Depends On 2 Things

MCG managing principal Bill Rabourn quickly breaks down the practice-saving power of communication and coordination during a crisis, and how to do them correctly to ensure your comeback is swift, smooth, and strong. Disclaimer: COVID-19 information is evolving rapidly. Consult with state and local authorities for further COVID-19 updates.

COVID-19: Practical Steps for Managing Your Practice or ASC’s Unique Situation

Lately, practice and ASC leaders have been flooded with general tips for managing a business during the COVID-19 crisis, with little guidance as to whether these actually apply to their unique situation. Medical business consultants Bill Rabourn, Steve Sheppard, and Erin Malloy of Medical Consulting Group—a firm providing practice and ASC development and management, as…

The Ins & Outs of Medical Website Development

MCG podcast host Leah Taylor speaks with medical website experts Daryl Brown and Stevie Barfoot. What is responsive website design? How important is search engine optimization? What website security measures should a medical practice implement? Tune in to find out.