For more than 30 years, our Medical Consulting Group consultants and team have been sitting down together to talk over and develop solutions for the latest, most impactful issues circulating the medical industry. Whether it’s the most recent government regulations, crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, or advancements in digital marketing strategies for practices and ASCs, our conversations are always evolving.

Now, we’re sitting down with you. Join the Medical Consulting Group podcast as we tackle the most pressing issues crossing your desk and discuss practical, experience-backed strategies for mastering them.

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Episode 3: Satisfied Patient Improves Practice Reputation

Runtime 14:12

In this episode of our Efficiency series, Satisfied Patient CEO Ryan Schumacher discusses the importance of managing online reputation and customer feedback to improve operational efficiencies.

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Episode 2: Rendia Offers Scalable, Customizable Patient Education for Practices

Runtime 7:54

In this episode of our “Efficiency” series, Rendia CEO Smitha Gopal discusses how Rendia’s engaging, tailored patient education helps improve practice efficiency.

Episode 1: CoFi Helps Practices Simplify Patient Payments

Runtime 5:34

In the first episode of our “Efficiency” series, CoFi CEO Sean Hanlon discusses how the CoFi solution automates and facilitates transactions for health systems, easing administrative burden and increasing operational efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management – Strategies For The Future

Runtime 24:17

In this episode of the Medical Consulting Group podcast, MCG managing principals Bill Rabourn, Rob McCarville, Erin Malloy, and revenue cycle director Christie Dockum discuss the evolving landscape of Revenue Cycle Management, touching on trends such as labor shortages, automation, and the newly-passed No Surprises Act from Washington D.C.

Digital Marketing in 2022

Runtime 19:47

Building a strong brand in 2022 starts with effective digital marketing. As patients and users demand 24/7 access to relevant information, businesses and practices must accommodate and educate, while maintaining on-brand messaging and visuals within the digital landscape.

In this episode of the Medical Consulting Group podcast, the MCG creative team identify and discuss industry news, strategies, tools and best practices that can help practices achieve digital marketing success in 2022.

Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Practice or ASC

Runtime 19:50

How secure are your systems and network? Can your employees detect a phishing email? Is your website protected from brute force attacks?

In today’s episode IT experts Brendan Gallagher, David Kaplan, and Daryl Brown from MCG discuss common threats and tactics used by malicious parties in cyberspace and what steps employers and employees can take to ensure everyone practices good cyber hygiene.

Office-Based Surgery – Risk or Reward?

Office-based surgery (OBS) is a topic inspiring mixed feelings, ranging from eager interest to concern, within the medical industry. Still, that didn’t stop our consultants from kicking aside the eggshells to dive right into it during our latest podcast episode! Bill Rabourn, Steve Sheppard, and Pat Thomas look at OBS from an economic and patient…

How to Plan A Medical Business Strategy That Works

Luck is great, but it’s not a reliable method for achieving medical business success. A strategic plan, on the other hand, is absolutely essential. However, not all strategic plans are created equal. The plans that actually help shape real change and practice growth share certain commonalities.  In this episode of the Medical Consulting Group Podcast,…

What COVID Taught Us About Medical Marketing in 2021

If COVID-19 taught our team anything, it’s that past strategies for medical marketing should stay in the past. In 2021, it’s time to explore new ways of thinking that reflect what patients today are actually experiencing. In this episode, our team’s creative marketing experts identify 3 examples of 2021’s most relatable patient experiences and how we…

Why ASCs Are Bringing Physicians & Hospitals Together

In this episode, Medical Consulting Group managing principals Stephen Sheppard and Robert McCarville explain the two unique sets of motivators behind why more physicians and hospitals are taking on ambulatory surgery center joint ventures. Kicking off with a brief but interesting history of joint venture ASCs, Steve and Rob discuss how time and technology have…

5 RCM Outsourcing Myths Stunting Your Revenue Growth

In this episode, MCG Managing Principal Rob McCarville, Principal Erin Malloy, and Consultant Tonya LaRue debunk 5 myths about outsourcing revenue cycle management that are keeping practices and ASCs from looking into options that could increase their revenue. Submit A Medical Business Question for Future EpisodesSubmit an issue affecting your practice or ASC to podcast@medcgroup.com, and…

How to Stay Plugged in Without 2020 National Medical Industry Meetings

The pioneer behind every Medical Consulting Group podcast episode is YOU.  How? That’s what our multi-specialized team of Medical Consulting Group managing principals and medical business consultants are here to explain. With the cancellation of yet another national medical industry meeting (AAO), now is the best time to remind listeners just how this podcast is…

Patient Builder – A Win for Doctors/Clinics and A Win for Medical Device Companies Trying to Add Value

Would you attract the attention of your customer if you could offer a way to bring them more patients? Consider Patient Builder. Today, we talk to Bill Rabourn, founder and managing principal of Medical Consulting Group in Springfield, Missouri.  Bill and his team have a unique view of the medical device world in that they consult…