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ASC Services

Ambulatory Surgery Center Management

We have beautiful photos of the dozens of ambulatory surgery centers we’ve developed, but what they don’t tell you is about our continued involvement. We also provide accounting and financial management, medical billing and collection services, IT set-up and support, as well as human resources and employee benefits management for ambulatory surgery centers. And then there are the medical marketing, advertising and public relations services that give the center visibility. When we look at the photos, we see profitable ambulatory surgery centers that benefit their communities and our clients.  We build surgery centers on a foundation of success, and provide the services that make it possible for a center to consistently perform at optimal levels.

Accounting & Financial Management

Our accounting and financial management services include accounts payable, cash flow management, internal financial statements, analytical reports,  malpractice premium negotiation, and construction loan management.

IT Support

When we handle your IT set-up and support, your system, data processing, data, and storage are secure and safe from intrusion behind a dedicated firewall, in a bonded environment for connectivity. We host your management software, regularly update the server and anti-virus applications, and handle any hardware issues that may arise. We perform daily, weekly, and monthly backups and store them offsite each night. Our server is housed in a climate-controlled environment with limited key-code access, AND we have the staff to monitor server functions to ensure that the system runs at an optimal level.

Human Resources

Your staff needs to be taken care of, too. Our human resources services include payroll processing, staffing needs analysis, job description preparation, recruitment, interviewing, and hiring. We also assist with new hire training and orientation. We handle employee benefits, too, such as insurance research and quotes, cafeteria plan management, retirement plans (SIMPLE IRA, 401-K), and paid time off benefit hours (sick leave and vacation, for example).

Do you need a service we haven’t already mentioned for your surgery center? Talk to us about it--there’s a good chance we can help you out with that, too.